Khin Hlaing, who had to cancel the live broadcast because of a message from Min Mokon while he was selling goods (TV)

Dear Khin Hlaing
We are
My closest friends
I am a prince
I’m going to take them

More comfortable
Your teachings
Very kind
As my teacher
It is always important

More respectable
Thank you for the value
In the 2021 uprising
I also participated as a family
I still remember
I still see you in my dreams

The time when you have to avoid
And my daughter
I have been in contact with my brother for a while

It should be a pledge
I said from my mouth
I am worried that there will be a crisis

But Khin Hlaing Ray
You already have a lot of businesses

I’m doing online live sales

Old clowns who are really fishing
Villain actors called handsome men
If you do a comic book

I’m not guilty

These words must be said privately
For blocking me

Just said from the public

This event is for teachers, students, parents, relatives and friends
I don’t have it

There is only the truth and the enemy