Premier League players refuse to kneel before every match

Football players of the English Premier League announced the refusal to kneel before every match

The captains of the clubs of the English Premier League (EPL) announced their refusal to kneel before every match of the championship. This was reported on the tournament website.

The captains came to this decision following the meeting. The statement notes that the players will kneel only before individual matches of the championship in order to emphasize the significance of the action.

“We will continue to show solidarity in the name of a common cause. We are committed to eradicating racial prejudice and building an inclusive society,” said the captains.

Players in the Premier League had different attitudes about the need to support the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM, “Black Lives Matter”). In particular, in September 2021, the Spanish Chelsea footballer Marcos Alonso said that he did not intend to bend the knee, because, in his opinion, this gesture in the fight against racism began to lose strength.

Footballers around the world take a knee as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM members demand systemic change and believe that the killing of African American George Floyd by a police officer in May 2020 was associated with racist prejudice in society.