U Kyaw Thet Lin, who reminded everyone to be more honest than usual during the revolution

I want to remember and share the knowledge I learned during the revolution today.
That’s what we always say about being honest.

When a person is normal, they are honest. They are honest. When do they come back?
When you want.
for me For my children, my parents, Because they want to win, even if it means life and death, for money and power
When they compete, the existing honesty is destroyed.
are wrong.
I get it.


I’m not wrong, and I still make mistakes every time I’m careless. The difference between the big mistakes I made when I was young and the mistakes I made when I grew up.
Another reason is the environment.
very important.
The word “honesty” is very soft, but you need to be clear so as not to hurt him.
Damaged honesty is pathetic.
Honesty is a big investment.
Reject it bluntly and maintain honesty?
Are you flexible and diplomatic to create win win situations?

Don’t do what you don’t want to do and wash away the honesty?
Your ability
The ability to control will let you know what kind of person “you” are.
What’s worse is that you have to wash your clothes every time you wear them
Wash and clean again.
Be honest just once.
You will always eat the fruits of honesty so sweetly.
“Make me ready to know the truth, to be clear, and to be hated.”
During the revolution, you need to be more honest than usual.